I have a fun community service in the works. Not all the details are worked out yet and I’m open to suggestions. But here’s what I have so far: we (30 Interact members) will leave school at 11:30 on Monday, Oct 30 in Halloween costumes to pick up Riser Elementary’s 1st graders.

We will head to the pumpkin patch. Each teen will be assigned 2 1st graders. We will take fall pictures in the pumpkins, do face painting, let them play in the hay maze, play some fall/pumpkin themed games in the greasy area, have some fun with the big parachute and then have snacks.

We may even provide big plastic pumpkins and let them do some sort or trick or treating around the big church yard. We will bring them back to Riser and be back at the high school by 2:30.